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Even More Awesome Plays From the Past

To continue our celebration of 25 years of producing new plays in Pittsburgh, we wanted to present a few more awesome plays from the last 24 years. When it came time to name this presentation, we decided to cut right to the chase.

Even More Awesome Plays from the Past brings four “Best Play” Donna Awards back to Pittsburgh for an exciting two week run at CCAC South before we kick-off our 25th Festival in late August.  More Information and Tickets…

Staged Readings

August 23 @ 7pm

Glue by John Seibel, Pittsburgh, PA; Produced by Industrial Gardens
Extraordinary Lies by James Baden, Columbia, MO; Produced by Comtra
Flabby Abby by J. Thalia Cunningham, Delmar, NY; Produced by Prime Stage Theatre


Staged Readings
August 30 @7pm

Girl In the Washroom by Bella Poynton, Williamsville, NY; Produced by R-ACT Theatre Productions
Turning of the Screw by Warren Holleman, Houston, TX; Produced by PNWF
Town Hall Incident by Fred Perry, Roswell, GA; Produced by University of Pittsburgh Stages


Program A
September 3 – 12

Prodigal Returns by Garry Kluger, La Crescenta, CA; Produced by CCAC
Empty Plots by Chris Gavaler, Lexington, VA; Produced by Stage Right
Two by Eugenie Carabatsos, Pittsburgh,PA; Produced by Thoreau NM


Program B
September 4- 13

Queen Steffi by Zac Thompson, Chicago, IL; Produced by Actors Civic Theater
Sweet Tea and Cadillacs by Ben Torbush, Barcelona, Spain; Produced by Cup A Jo Productions
The Old Maid and Her Old Goose by Kyle John Schmidt, Austin,TX; Produced by The Theater Factory


Program C
September 17 – 26

Gravity Between Us by Josie Rush, Pittsburgh, PA; Produced by The Red Masquers
The Man That Got Away by Jeffrey James, Ontario, Canada; Produced by Phase 3 Productions
Rules of Discovery by Andrew Ade, New Wilmington, PA Produced by The Summer Company


Program D
September 18 – 27

Grim Tidings by Dennis Jones, Powhatan, VA; Produced by The Heritage Players
Nana’s Home Movies by F.J. Hartland, Johnstown, PA; Produced by McKeesport Little Theater
The Green Eyed Monster by Michael Wolfson, Valley Village, CA; Produced by The South Hills Players



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