Staged Readings
August 24 @ 7pm

The Art Of Seduction by Michael Wolfson, Produced by Pittsburgh New Works
The Double, Half-Broken Line by Christopher Cotten, Produced by The Company of Pittsburgh
The Wager by William Sikorski, Produced by Comtra

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Staged Readings
August 31 @7pm

Roadway To Heaven by Marla E. Schwartz, Produced by Prime Stage Theatre
Shadows by Austin Uram, Produced by R-ACT Theatre Productions
Blowjobs In The Park by Tyler Jennings, Produced by Industrial Gardens

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Program A
September 4 – 13

Last Night by Dale Hess, Produced by Red Masquers
Crisis On Infinite Earths by Chris Gavaler, Produced by Heritage Players
Some Guy At The Airport by Patrick Rutledge, Produced by Summer Company

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Program B
September 5 – 14

Lovie’s Spring by Kelly Bancroft, Produced by Phase 3 Productions
Constant Companion by Benjamin Dean, Produced by Cup-a-Jo Productions
Raghead by Tom Coash, Produced by McKeesport Little Theater

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Program C
September 18 - 27

The Other Half by Garry Michael Kluger, Produced by Thoreau NM: A Production Company
The Academy Of Super Heroes by Tom Cavanaugh, Produced by Actors Civic Theater
Close Your Eyes by James Harmon Brown, Produced by CCAC South

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Program D
September 19 – 28

Scattered by F.J. Hartland, Produced by The Baldwin Players
Sleeping Aide by Hamilton Kreeger, Produced by Stage Right
The Field by Jeff DeSantis, Produced by Theatre Factory

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