Program B

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Friday, September 2 @ 8pm
Saturday, September 3 @ 8pm
Thursday, September 8 @ 8pm
Saturday, September 10 @ 4pm
Sunday, September 11 @ 2pm



The Man Who Invented Love
by Scott Romani

Pittsburgh, PA
Produced by Thoreau, NM – A Production Company

The Man Who Invented Love is a romantic comedy about an awkward second date spent cleaning out the apartment of a recently-deceased uncle. Mark and Kyle uncover secrets of a life in 1940s Hollywood that spark a connection in the present.

Scott Romani earned his MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. His fiction has won numerous Turow-Kinder awards and has been published by Blotterature. When Scott is not writing, he teaches, choreographs and adjudicates dance across the nation.



My Strange Journey
by William Newkirk

Celebration, FL
Produced by R-ACT Theatre Productions

Lisa Murphy, an author in her 50’s, has had a string of unpublished manuscripts. Her new book, however, My Strange Journey, which deals with overcoming her abusive childhood, has received a National Book Award nomination.

W. L. Newkirk is best known as a playwright. His recently-written, award-winning stage plays include East Lansing (Winner, Best Play, 2014 Tampa Bay Theatre Festival), 5 to 4 (Winner, Best Play, 2015 4 X 6 Fest), and In Me (Winner, 2015 Vigoda Award, Best Dramedy). He has degrees from the Ohio State University (Medicine) and Harvard University (Government), where he was a John Harvard Scholar and Lecturer. He has received awards for his contributions to the arts and sciences, including Recognition from the Daniel Hanley Trust for “Courage, Leadership and Innovation.” He is a member of the Dramatists Guild.



Writer’s Block
by Derek Lynch

New Castle, PA
Produced by Actors Civic Theater

A struggling writer is visited by his muses, the embodiment of Comedy and Tragedy, who attempt to help him overcome his lack of productivity.

Derek Lynch has been writing plays since he learned what a play was. He has been on and behind stage, but his real passion is to create the story. He has never before had an original work performed and is very excited to see this one. He is a graduate of Westminster College, and currently works a crummy job at a retail store to support is play-writing habit.