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Friday, September 16 @ 8pm
Saturday, September 17 @ 8pm
Thursday, September 22 @ 8pm
Saturday, September 24 @ 4pm
Sunday, September 25 @ 2pm


by Garry Kluger

La Crescenta, CA
Produced by The Theatre Factory

BROTHERHOOD is the story of two brothers, Joey and Frank. Growing up, Joey and Frank never really got along. When he was a teenager his mother threw Frank out of the house and the two brothers didn’t see each other again – until years later. Because of a mutual business deal,
Frank and Joey are forced to confront each other and years of animosity explode on the scene forcing an ultimate showdown.

Garry Kluger has authored three books, eleven plays, two TV pilots, twelve documentaries, and several series. For television, Garry was head writer for The FX Friday Night FiX, and was nominated for a CableACE Award for the Ultimate Guide on the Discovery Channel. He was also the producer/writer for the original TV pilot, Office Hours.

As a playwright, some of Garry’s plays have been performed in theatres all over the world. He has won the DFAP International One Act Festival for The Other Half, won the Gold Award for Office Hours and the Bronze Award for Aquarius Rising from the World Series Of Screenwriting, Play Competition, won Highly Recommended from the Segora Playwrights Festival in France for Prodigal Returns, and a finalist from the Sterts Theatre in London for his one acts, The Other Half.

In 2009, Garry was the recipient of the annual Red Carpet Award from Women In Theatre for his contributions to theatre as a playwright.



by Jennifer Tromble

North Tonawanda, NY
Produced by The Heritage Players

Annie, an eight-year old girl, is suspended from a school for gifted students for hate speech. Her parents suspect this is a direct result of her grandmother’s influence. The play takes place when Michael, Annie’s father, goes to his mother’s to confront her about this.

Jennifer Tromble‘s award winning plays have been produced at the Alleyway Theatre in Buffalo, NY, the Weathervane Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio, as part of the Oxford Theatre Festival in Oxford, Mississippi, and, most recently, as a semi-finalist in Little Black Dress Ink’s new short play competition.



Once Upon a Mattress Store
by Stephen Engel

Pacific Palisades, CA
Produced by Stage Right Pittsburgh

Business does not go as usual one evening in a Los Angeles mattress store.

Stephen Engel has written several screenplays for producers such as Steven Spielberg, Tom Shadyac, Joel Silver and Leonard Goldberg. In 1991, Stephen moved to LA, where he has written and produced the HBO comedy “Dream On,” the NBC comedies “Mad About You” and “Just Shoot Me,” and the CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory.” Stephen also created CBS’s short-lived “Work With Me,” NBC’s short-lived “Inside Schwartz,” and ABC’s short-lived “The Big House.” Given the life span of these shows, Stephen expects to die soon.